The Child Abuse Prevention Council has saved my life and I feel as if it has saved the lives of my children and transformed their destiny. This is the depth and power in which the Child Abuse Prevention Council has impacted my life.

~Lakisha Hill

At a young age, I was sexually and physically abused. Consequently, I desperately needed to develop a strong parenting foundation.  In 2008, I had five children and was pregnant with my sixth, I began taking a wide variety of parenting classes to subsidize the gaps with everything parenting.

My first step was acknowledging that I needed outside help and the Nurtured Parenting Program offered through Child Abuse Prevention Council became that support. The second step was to allow the information to change my behavior. Changing behavior is extremely hard, I had to go against everything within myself to become different.

In 2009, I began pursuing an A.S. degree in early childhood education at Contra Costa College and now in 2016, I am in my second year in the MBA/MA Educational Leadership program at Mills College.

My six children are thriving physically, socially, emotionally, creatively, and cognitively.

As a result of my experience, I now work for the Child Abuse Prevention Council facilitating Nurturing Parenting classes to parents and caregivers and teaching children to recognize abuse and empower them to speak up through the Speak Up Be Safe Program. Thank you Child Abuse Prevention Council for the dramatic changes your programs make in many lives.

~Lakisha Hill