“Manuel never gave up on his son.  He completed two Nurturing Parenting Program sessions and enrolled in additional parenting classes because he wants to become the best father possible.” ~Maggie Velasco

Staff continually learn new stories from parents about how their lives will never be the same because they took the time to attend the Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP). Manuel’s is one of the many success stories that impacted NPP staff. He is a single dad of a 4 year old boy. His son was removed from his care due to domestic violence, but Manuel did not give up. In July 2017, he started attending NPP classes and at the end of the first session, Manuel and NPP supervisor, Maggie Velasco, discussed his experience with the program. He said he learned new skills and to see life in a different way and explored the possibility of enrolling in the program for a second time. Maggie reviewed his progress, validated his efforts, and helped him focus on his identified goals. Manuel reenrolled and never missed a class. He showed up in work clothes, sat with his peers and participated in every class by asking questions and sharing progress on his case with Children and Family Services. Manuel gained visitation without supervision and started having overnight visits with his son. A month prior to the end of the second session, Manuel showed up to class holding his son’s hand. He started caring for his son on additional days and wanted to introduce him to his NPP peers. The group and staff welcomed and congratulated Manuel and his son. He was referred to and enrolled in additional programs to help him continue his journey as a single dad and to become the best father possible. ~Maggie Valesco, Supervisor NPP