CAPC is governed by a 12 to 15 person board of directors composed of volunteer community members who are dedicated to the prevention of child abuse in Contra Costa County.

Bruno Ceccarelli


Leigh Pierson-Brown

Leigh Pierson-Brown


Carol Carrillo

Carol Carrillo, MSW

Executive Director

Jim Carpenter

Jim Carpenter, MD, MPH

Shannon Blankenship

Shannon Blankenship, Secretary

Scott Barca

Scott Barca, Vice President

Rex Dunn, Treasurer

Angelina Elliott, MD

Mark W. Gundacker,

Scott Cunnane

2022 – 2023 ACAPC Members

Megan Buckley

Amanda Chipman

Kristen Cobo

Danielle Egan

Elizabeth Ewing

Molly Hanahan

Roshan Haugh

Yeh-Won Hunt

Haley Kirkpatrick

Rhoda Larner

Natalie Miles

Blaire Morse Drew

Jenn Nolen

Moira Roberts

Stephanie Russell

Arran Schultz

Heather Swedeen

Alexis Thompson

Betsy Toben

Kelly Tuggle

Melanie Walterspiel

2022 – 2023 ACAPC Associate Members

Kelly Bitzer

Eileen Brinker

Anne-Marie Carpenter

Mimi Cohen

Catherine Dunne

Nikki Gilbert

Sarah Holzemer

Michelle Indelicato

Larissa Kosla

Jami Martini

Sia McDonald

Shauna McGlynn

Allison Mein

Shawn Sabarese

Lisa Stemmler

Liz Voelker


“I told my daughter that someone touched me as an 8 year old girl but I didn't tell my mom until I was 22 years old. She yelled, "Why didn't you tell a safe adult?!" I told her that we were never taught that we should. We just sat in shame. This program is amazing and THANK YOU!”

— Anonymous

Success Stories

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