Miriam’s story

“My name is Miriam, I have two daughters ages 8 and 2. When I learned about Crianza con Carino Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP), it didn’t sound very interesting because I had the idea that no one is capable of teaching you how to parent your children. It never crossed my mind that my way of thinking and feeling would change radically. The first thing I learned is that we do not have the power to change anyone, but that each person changes when they are
ready and willing to change.
“Another very important thing in which the Nurturing Parenting Program helped me with is: learning more about myself, understand how I feel and where those feeling and beliefs come from, value and love ME and above all it helped me with skills to understand my children and my husband. Now I have strategies to help me manage and cope with different situations. Thanks to all those who are part of making programs like this possible and accessible to our community.
I would like for “Crianza con Carino” (NPP) to have a second part to help eradicate stereotypes that we acquired during the course of our lives. I give many thanks to the entire team and those involved. Most importantly thank you so much for the valuable information and life changing opportunity given to myself and my family.”
The Nurturing Parenting Program staff feels honored to serve families like Miriam’s.

Graduate of the Nurturing Parenting Program

Nurturing Parenting Class Concord A Success

Parents in CAPC’s latest Nurturing Parenting class in Concord, CA have found it to be a success. One parent exclaimed “I have learned how to control my emotions and the way I act towards my kids, to not get to the point of violence. I have learned to not stereotype people, to praise my children and to discipline with love.” This has had a profound effect on their family and the ripples are seen wide by their showcasing new parenting skills in the community.

“I have learned how to treat my children with love and give every single one the attention they need, because everyone is different. Respecting them and also listening while looking in their eyes,” interjected another parent at graduation. The excitement seen in the faces of these parents and children echo throughout the center. The Nurturing Parenting Program teaches parents many new parenting skills as well as self-care. Another parent explains that “I have learned how to appreciate myself and take care of, and listen to my body. When I feel healthy and good I can give my best to my kids, family and friends.”

More Parent Graduate Quotes!

“Lately there hasn’t been any yelling at my home. We have learned to communicate and to truly listen to the other family members. I have learned to value them for who they are and not for what they did or didn’t do. To not stereotype people, to give praise to my children and to have realistic expectations of each family member.”
“With this program I have been able to put into action the knowledge and techniques with my own child and also with my family in general, but the first thing I must do is understand the different attitudes that each person that I love has. This month has made the biggest impact, with persistent, discipline and love there has been a lot of positives changes.”
“Personally the Nurturing Parenting Program has made a before and an after in my family life. My way of being a mom has become better, I start to think and calm myself before talking with my children and husband, letting them explain their side of the story while not reacting negatively.”
“I have learned that [some of] my customs are inadequate for children’s development and that child abuse is very common in my culture.”
“The Nurturing Parenting Program has taught me how to educate my child with love, without the need to yell, hit or punish them.”
“I learned how to decrease my stress and how to put rules in my house, which has been very beneficial. My little girl has learned how to grow past the trauma of being alone and enjoys going to school. I have learned how to make positive complements to my partner and children, which has made a huge difference. I thought I would never be like my parents but before I knew it I was acting out the same behaviors I learned from them. I learned how to stop the cycle of abuse.”
“It has helped me a lot in understanding and tolerating my children. Knowing when they needed help and how to help them.”

CAPC’s center-based parenting class model helps to emphasize the importance of community support, shared values, and members help to act as mirrors and reflect back what parents are learning and what they may not have recognized in the beginning. This evidenced-based model has been helping to strengthen families now for almost 10 years and this class has been an exemplary example of it’s effectiveness. Thank you to the devoted families in Concord!

~Maggie Valesco, Supervisor NPP