Miriam’s story

When I learned about Crianza con Carino Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP), it didn’t sound very interesting because I had the idea that no one is capable of teaching you how to parent your children. It never crossed my mind that my way of thinking and feeling would change radically. Continue Reading »

Socorro’s story

Thanks to the Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) I have learned to be part of a new community, I accepted my situation and with the support of my group I started taking care of myself, I found self-worth and identified my strengths. ~Socorro Hernandez Continue Reading »

A Changed Life

The Child Abuse Prevention Council has saved my life and I feel as if it has saved the lives of my children and transformed their destiny. This is the depth and power in which the Child Abuse Prevention Council has impacted my life. ~Lakisha Hill Continue Reading »

Nurturing Parenting Class in Concord is A Success

I have learned how to treat my children with love and give every single one the attention they need. ~Parent Class Graduate Continue Reading »