Community report 2022-2023

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Help Families in Need This Holiday Season

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November newsletter 2023

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October Newsletter 2023

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September 2023 newsletter

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Newsletter August

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Nurturing Parenting classes

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Thank you to the Exchange Club of SRV

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Thank you to the Exchange Club of SRV for supporting April, Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month at Lunardi’s in Danville. You make a difference!

April 2023 newsletter

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March newsletter

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Nurturing Parenting classes’ schedule

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November 2022 newsletter

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Youth Partner Program video

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October newsletter

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June 2022 newsletter: Happy Pride Month

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May 2022 newsletter #2

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Dear Friends of CAPC

There cannot be a more helpless feeling than that of a parent learning that their child has been senselessly taken from them in a school shooting. The murders of 21 people at Robb Elementary leave us helplessly struggling for solutions. These are the adverse childhood experiences that plague and sometimes devastate families and communities [….]

May newsletter

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Videos luncheon

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Here comes the Sun Luncheon


Thank you Supervisor Candace Anderson , Lafayette Mayor Teresa Gerringer, Kristin Connelly President , Acalanes Union High School District Board , Meredith Meade and Suzy Pak , Lafayette School District Board members for all the support of CAPC’s Speak Up Be Safe child safety program! Each of you makes a difference to the students in our community ! CAPC is grateful!

April newsletter 2022

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Thank you to the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation for the generous donation to support CAPC’s work!

March newsletter 2022

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Dear Friends of CAPC:

March is National Social Worker Appreciation Month. A Social Worker is a change warrior that evokes ferocity, passion, and empathy in order to create significant positive change in the lives of others. CAPC would like to thank all the unsung heroes in our community who work every day to strengthen families and protect children. Happy Social Worker Appreciation Month to all my fellow social workers! […]

February Newsletter

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February is Black History Month: Black History Month, celebrated in February each year, is a time to recognize the central role African Americans have played in U.S. history and to recognize and celebrate their achievements [..]

Community report 2020-2021

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October 2021 newsletter

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Strengthening Families Using a Racial Equity Lens


Please join the Greater Bay Area CAPC Coalition for this free seminar on addressing racial disparities in the child welfare system.

Requiring kids to mask against COVID-19 is not child abuse

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Fall 2021 newsletter

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Share the Spirit

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In a year filled with unprecedented challenges, CAPC has been supporting at-risk families throughout Contra Costa County. One of our many successes was a dad in CAPC’s Parent Partner Program. He was involved with Contra Costa County’s Children and Family Services (CSF) due to his child’s mother’s mental health, but as the case developed, substance abuse and domestic violence were also issues that needed to be addressed. The child’s mother’s mental illness was so severe that it prohibited her from attending court. But this Dad showed up to every court date and every visit and clearly loved his daughter very much. Sadly, fathers are not looked at with the same lens as mothers are and have been overlooked as a viable option for custody of their children too many times to count. Others gave this father zero chance of reunifying and had no faith in him, but CAPC staff was there to support him. Dad received bad information time and time again that jeopardized his chances of gaining custody of his daughter. CAPC staff corrected what he had heard, mentored and encouraged him along his journey, attending his court hearings and meetings with him and providing other resources.

One day, Dad reached a turning point. After a frank conversation with staff that brought him to tears, he began to work his case plan with purpose. In fact, he made such a drastic change in his life that neither his attorney nor CAPC staff recognized him at his next court appointment because his appearance changed so much in sobriety.

Covid-19 hit at the same time that he was scheduled to begin unsupervised and overnight visits with his daughter. Again, he received misinformation about the visits that scared and discouraged him, compounded by new challenges from shelter-in-place restrictions. CAPC staff was there to clarify what he needed to do for his daughter and provide other support and resources. CAPC’s Sue Fleischner Special Needs Fund paid a hotel room for the dad to have overnight visits in and gave him a gift card for food and diapers purchased with a grant from Share the Spirit. CAPC also provided a playpen for the baby to sleep in while visiting her Dad.

Dad graduated his program and despite interference from the child’s grandmother and little faith from many, he got a job, an apartment and childcare, and now his young daughter is living with him full time. If not for CAPC’s intervention and Share the Spirit’s support, Dad and his daughter would not be together today.

Educate, inspire, and support. Monthly Speaker Series

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September 2020 Newsletter

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September 2020 newsletter Click for more information:
#Follow #Followus #Followme #CAPC #Childabuseprevention #Kids 

CAPC is featured in the Summer 2020 issue of the Resource Families Newsletter.

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Thank you from ACAPC!

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Dear Supporters:
Just a quick note to say how much we appreciate your support of the Child Abuse Prevention Council and our Caps for CAPC campaign! With your help, we were able to raise $9,850 that will directly support CAPC in the prevention of child abuse in our community. This fundraiser blew our expectations out of the water and we are so grateful to all of you! CAPC will be putting these funds to very good use by continuing to provide support, education and basic needs to families and children at risk for abuse during this especially stressful time. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and we hope you enjoy showing off your stylish rainbow caps on all of your summer adventures! Please contact Natalie Miles ( with any questions.

2020 ACAPC Members
Megan Buckley
Amanda Chipman
Kristen Cobo
Lauren Cosso
Kristen Cunnane
Molly Hanahan
Yeh-Won Hunt
Rhoda Larner
Natalie Miles
Blaire Morse
Lauren Pierce
Dina Ricksen
Moira Roberts
Arran Schulz
Heather Swedeen
Alexis Thompson
Kelly Tuggle
Melanie Walterspiel

ACAPC Newsletter

June 1, 2020  ACAPC, All News, Newsletter, Press Release

Caps for CAPC & summer fundraising. Click for more information:

Child Abuse Reports Plummeted During Pandemic, And That’s Not A Good Thing

May 29, 2020  Uncategorized

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit compiled data from the region’s four largest counties showing calls to child abuse hotlines have dropped dramatically since mid-March.

Brannin Dorsey remembers the day when one of her first grade students showed up to class with a swollen face and marks on his neck.

“It was the worst teaching day of my life,” Dorsey said. “He told me he was hit at home.”

As a teacher, Dorsey is a mandated reporter, meaning she is required by law to report any suspected child abuse or neglect to authorities. But since shelter at home orders caused classrooms to close, Dorsey feels that responsibility has become hard to fulfill for many teachers.

“It’s really difficult to know that part of our job is to help kids,” she said. “And that’s taken away from us because of this crisis.”

She’s not alone.

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit compiled data from the region’s four largest counties showing calls to child abuse hotlines have dropped dramatically since mid-March.

During April, the first full month of the stay at home order, Contra Costa and San Francisco saw a nearly 50% drop in their number of child abuse calls when compared to the same month last year. Santa Clara County saw a 42% increase and Alameda experienced a shorter 27% drop.

That average is reflected across the state, according to data from the California Department of Social Services. Collectively, it shows there’s been a 45% drop in child abuse hotline calls statewide.

Kathy Marsh, the director of Children and Family Services for Contra Costa County, provided NBC Bay Area data from her office showing the biggest drop in call numbers comes from educators and those employed at schools.

“With the shelter in place, and children not being seen at school or not having an in-person visit with their therapist, or even a medical provider, they’re not able to report because they’re not seeing the same things,” she said.

Carol Carillo, Executive Director of the Child Abuse Prevention Council for Contra Costa County, says these changing times also require a change in how society detects and reports child abuse. Teachers may have to ask different questions, such as asking about the regularity of meals, to gauge their students’ well-being.

With fewer kids in classrooms, Carillo says community members, like neighbors and co-workers, can and should report suspected abuse. She understands people may be uncomfortable with interfering in a family’s business, but says anyone can call their county’s child abuse hotline to figure out the best course of action.

“We never tell people they do more damage,” she said. “You always want to err on what is the safety of the child.”

After teaching for 20 years, Dorsey says nothing can replace in-person interactions at school.

“The classroom setting is a very safe space for students,” she said, adding that she hopes new systems are created for children to ask for help.

“We don’t have any systems like that.”

Click here to watch the report

The Financial Impacts of Child Abuse

May 13, 2020  Uncategorized

The cumulative financial impact to Contra Costa County for the 815 verified survivors of maltreatment in
2019 is $372,000,000. Though these costs are accrued over the course of the victim’s life, the community
will continue to occur the same cost each year until we are able to reduce and ultimately end child abuse. Read more […]

Graduation, COVID-19 compliant

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ACAPC Luncheon : Rescheduled to 10.8.20

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Dear Friends of the Auxiliary of the Child Abuse Prevention Council (ACAPC):The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) is doing its part to follow the guidelines set by the Contra Costa County Department of Public Health to protect our community from the spread of the Coronavirus. With that being said, ACAPC has decided to postpone our 16th annual Educate, Empower and Prevent benefit luncheon in April.
The new date will be Thursday October 8th, 2020 at Round Hill Country Club.  For those of you who have generously donated, purchased tickets and or raffle tickets we have a few options to offer you:We can offer a roll over option to the October 8th dateYou can choose to turn your ticket purchase into a donationWe can offer you a refund We will be in touch with each of you individually to discuss your options.  CAPC is reliant on the generosity of our donors and we are grateful for every donation we receive. During this most unsettling, unprecedented time the families in our community need CAPC services even more.  The research shows that during stressful family events, child abuse abuse rates can increase. Contra Costa is no exception. CAPC staff are staying connected to the families in our programs by phone, text and email offering the much needed support and resources to care for their children. We are connecting families to local food distribution sites and resources to access basic needs. With your continued support we are committed to serving the families in our community. For further information or to make a donation, please call our office at 925-798-0546 or visit our website at  Thank you for your ongoing support of children and families in our community. We look forward to seeing everyone in October. Stay well! Carol Carrillo, MSW – Executive Director, CAPCNatalie Miles – President, ACAPC


February 4, 2020  Uncategorized

The cumulative financial impact to the Contra Costa community for the 807 verified child victims last year is $258.9M. Though these costs are accrued over the course of the victim’s life, the community will continue to incur the same cost each year until we are able to reduce and ultimately end child abuse. Read more: [2019]

Soul on the Green 2019

August 26, 2019  Uncategorized

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported The Child Abuse Prevention Council’s Soul on the Green annual fundraiser. The fundraiser was a big success and we are grateful for the community support and partnership.  Thank you from all of us at The Child Abuse Prevention Council. You made a difference!


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Tickets here

Tax Season

February 13, 2019  Uncategorized

It’s tax season again and there is a way to help qualifying filers file their taxes for free!
Attached is more information about the program and what to bring to a VITA site (in English and Spanish). Also attached is a list of the current sites (though it is always best to check out the site list at and contact the VITA site to make sure that they are open when a client wishes to go).

How Governor Gavin Newsom’s Plan To Identify Early Childhood Trauma In Kids Might Make Healthier, Smarter Students–

January 15, 2019  Uncategorized

Nurse Wendie Skala worked with teens who were victims of street violence — and she always felt she was getting to them too late.

Eventually, she learned about something called “adverse childhood experiences,” or ACEs: The idea that trauma early in life can cause disruptive and unhealthy behavior. And that’s when Skala says a “huge light bulb” went on.

“Instead of saying, ‘What’s wrong with these kids?’ We could finally say, ‘What happened to these kids that they’re ending up in these gangs, shot, stabbed, or almost assaulted to death?’” she said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first budget proposal, released last Thursday, could allocate $45 million for screenings to identify these experiences among children and adults on Medi-Cal. A growing body of research shows that if ACEs are spotted early, doctors and teachers can intervene to change a child’s trajectory. Read more here

Thank you!

January 14, 2019  Uncategorized

Thank you to all the generous donors who gave to CAPC during the holiday season. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. Your donation truly made a difference in the life of a child.


November 15, 2018  Uncategorized

Child Abuse Prevention Council Receives Thanks For Giving Holiday Program Grant from The Rite Aid Foundation

This season of giving, CAPC is receiving a special gift from The Rite Aid Foundation to help us continue making a difference in the lives of children in our community.

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media. To celebrate, The Rite Aid Foundation has generously gifted us with a $5,000 grant as part of its KidCents Thanks for Giving Holiday program.

We also have the opportunity to receive an additional $2,500 grant by being the charity that has the most likes, shares and comments on our social media posts on #GivingTuesday. Please check out CAPC’s Facebook page on Tuesday, November 27 and help us spread the word!

Our Executive Director will use these grant funds for our Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) for parents of children with special needs and health challenges. NPP provides free, locally available parent education to very low income, at-risk, underserved families living in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in East, West and Central Contra Costa County.

The Nurturing Parenting Program focuses on the Strengthening Families Five Protective Factors Framework which provides families with the knowledge needed to help them thrive in their lives and communities. These five factors include: Parental Resilience, Social Connections, Concrete Support in Times of Need, Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development and the Social and Emotional Competence of Children.

Parents participate in the learning process through role plays, engaging course assignments, group work and also enjoy a shared meal. They learn to recognize trauma and understand feelings and child development, are introduced to alternatives to hitting and are provided with tools to build children’s self-esteem. Parent Educators help parents develop safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments.

The Rite Aid Foundation created the KidCents Thanks for Giving Holiday program to help support efforts to improve the health, safety and well-being of local kids. In total, The Rite Aid Foundation is donating $2.2 million to more than 440 charities.

“#GivingTuesday is a global celebration of giving, and on this day, we wanted to recognize our KidCents charities for all they do to make a positive impact in the communities we serve,” said Tracy Henderson, director of The Rite Aid Foundation and charitable giving initiatives. “Through the KidCents Thanks for Giving Holiday program, we want to recognize and support organizations that are focused on giving all year round. We thank all our KidCents charity partners for helping to give kids better lives and brighter futures.”

CAPC looks forward to continuing our partnership with The Rite Aid Foundation and is excited by the opportunities that KidCents brings to our organization and those we help.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year!

September Newsletter

September 12, 2018  Uncategorized

In case you missed it! click here

Soul on the Green 2018

September 10, 2018  Uncategorized

Our SOTG fundraiser this past Saturday was a HUGE success! Our attendees had a ton of fun while fundraising for our child abuse prevention programs! THANK YOU for your support!!





Contra Costa Board of Supervisors

May 9, 2018  All News

Thank you to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors for your support of National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month.

The Economics of Child Abuse 2018 Study Released

April 10, 2018  All News, Press Release, Report


The cumulative financial impact to the Contra Costa community for the 807 verified child victims last year is $258.9M. Though these costs are accrued over the course of the victim’s life, the community will continue to incur the same cost each year until we are able to reduce and ultimately end child abuse. Read more […]

Raising the Flag to End Child Abuse

April 5, 2018  All News, Article, In the Media

Mark Your Calendars! You’re invited to…

March 27, 2018  Event

The 5th Annual Soul on the Green Community Event Car Show

Date: September 8, 2018

Time: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Where: Contra Costa Country Club, 801 Golf Club Road, Pleasant Hill

March 12, 2018  All News, Event, In the Media

Join us for our 14th Annual “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child” benefit luncheon, raffle and silent auction. Funds raised will help children at risk of #childabuse or neglect in #ContraCostaCounty. Visit our event webpage at http://WWW.ACAPC2018.EVENTBRITE.COM for tickets and more info.


March 8, 2018  All News

Thank you to the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation Child Abuse Prevention fund for your on going support. Your grant will help parents get the support they need to break they cycle of child abuse by participating in our Nurturing Parenting classes.
#donations #CAPC #Childabuseprevention

Kristen’s story

March 6, 2018  Article

“The foundation of our agency’s Speak Up Be Safe child safety program came from Cunnane’s story” Carol Carrillo.

To read Cunnane’s story click here

#Metoo #Speakup #Speakupbesafe

Report: Infants account for majority of Contra Costa child deaths

March 5, 2018  Article, Report

The East Bay Times published an article on a recent report about children’s deaths. Dr. Carpenter, a member of our board of directors and one of the authors of the report highlighted in the article, says that the lack of information about safe sleeping practices is one of the main causes of accidental death in children. These deaths could be prevented if parents have better access to educational information on sleeping practices for their children.

For more information click here

14th Annual “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child” Luncheon

January 17, 2018  All News, Event, In the Media

Please join us for the 14th Annual “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child” Luncheon benefiting the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County by The Auxiliary of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County.


Thu, April 19, 2018
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM PDT

Diablo Country Club
1700 Club House Road
Diablo, CA 94528

For more information please click here

Happy Holidays

January 2, 2018  Uncategorized

Thank you to all the generous donors who gave to CAPC during the holiday season. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

 Share the Spirit

Thank you for your help

December 21, 2017  Uncategorized

Thank you Sutter Delta Staff for adopting these families for Christmas and special thanks to CEP America for coordinating the ER department.

Parent Partner program

December 18, 2017  Uncategorized

Congratulations to the Parent Partner program for receiving the California State Association of Counties innovation award. CAPC is proud of the work we do in the community to support parents and children.

All News

Thank you to the GIVE program for all your support this year. Our Nurturing Parenting Program appreciates you all.


December 13, 2017  Uncategorized

Thank you to the Contra Costa Parents of Multiples for your generous support . You support will assure the families in our community have a happy holiday season.

Community Report 2016-2017

December 6, 2017  Uncategorized

2016/2017 was a busy year for CAPC. With support from the State Office of Child Abuse Prevention, CAPC began leading a broad Bay Area effort to raise awareness of the Five Protective Factors which are the foundation of the Strengthening Families Approach. Your continued support has helped expand our Speak Up Be Safe child safety program into Richmond and Concord schools. Our Nurturing Parenting Program is reaching more and more at risk families with positive parenting education, and CAPC is now working with parents who have children with special needs. We distributed over 14,000 Surviving Parenthood Resource Directories to Contra Costa residents. Our Sue Fleischner Special Needs Fund continues to serve families who are isolated and in need of critical to lessen the stress on families and keep kids safe. This year, we also supported Assemblywoman Baker’s bill AB 993 to support children who are the victims of severe sexual crimes.

To read the full Community Report, click here.


Thank you!

December 5, 2017  Uncategorized

Please consider CAPC in planning your end-of-year giving. We’re a non-profit organization, so every single dollar goes to the care of our families and kids in Contra Costa County.

Click here 

No child should be afraid to reveal their fears of abuse or their experience in an abusive situation

November 27, 2017  Uncategorized

Our Director, Carol Carrillo, published a letter in the East Bay Times about our program “Speak Up, Be Safe.” The program helps children and teens learn the skills to prevent or interrupt cycles of neglect.

To read the entire article, please click here

Giving Tuesday

November 16, 2017  Event

The countdown is on less than 2 weeks to go, a day where everyone (people & corporations) open their hearts and wallets on a national day devoted to giving back. Join the movement and help us to redefine the giving spirit this holiday season. For donations here! With a little bit quickly turns into a lot



November 15, 2017  Event

At CAPC, even a little money can go a long way toward preventing child abuse in Contra Costa County.
We value every child’s right to grow up in a safe and nurturing home environment.
Donations: here
#Blackfriday #Thanksgiving #CyberMonday #ContraCostaCounty #BayArea #Childabuseprevention #GiveToSpecialNeedsKids #GivingTuesday #California


Two weeks until #GivingTuesday! Please support local families and kids! Pledge to participate on November 28 by posting an #UNselfie and tagging Child Abuse Prevention Council! Make your donation today!
More info: here

#UNselfie #Blackfriday #Thanksgiving #CyberMonday#ContraCostaCounty #GiveToSpecialNeedsKids #GivingTuesday#BayArea #Childabuseprevention


November 14, 2017  Uncategorized

Unselfies are an easy way to show your support for Child Abuse Prevention Council. Post your #UNnselfie with the hashtag #GiveToSpecialNeedsKids or #CAPC on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and tell your friends and family why you are supporting CAPC on #GivingTuesday.

Giving Tuesday


Recuerden, nuestro #GivingTuesday es el 28 de Noviembre, cualquier aporte o donacion nos ayudara con nuestro fondo de necesidades especiales llamado Sue Fleischner Special. El objetivo de este fondo es prevenir cualquier tipo de abuso o abandono infantil en familias que estan viviendo alguna situacion dificil en sus vidas. Este fondo se usa para el transporte de programas de servicios sociales / citas médicas, cunas y/o coches seguros para los niños.

Mas informacion: aqui

#UNselfie #Blackfriday #Thanksgiving #CyberMonday#ContraCostaCounty #GiveToSpecialNeedsKids #BayArea#Childabuseprevention

New Success Story! A Father Doesn’t Give Up

November 13, 2017  All News, Success Stories

“Manuel never gave up on his son.  He completed two Nurturing Parenting Program sessions and enrolled in additional parenting classes because he wants to become the best father possible.”

Read more […]


November 9, 2017  Uncategorized

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about buying for the holidays. Giving Tuesday celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is a movement that encourages us all to give.
Support our cause today, donate and become a “Kid Supporter” at any of our levels or donate what you can. Every dollar helps!

More info: Here 

#UNselfie #Blackfriday #Thanksgiving #CyberMonday #ContraCostaCounty#GiveToSpecialNeedsKids



ACAPC 14Th Annual Benefit Luncheon

November 7, 2017  Uncategorized

Save the Date for the 14th annual “It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child” Benefit Luncheon.

We hope you can join us on April 19, 2018 at the Diablo Country Club!

Get you tickets here 


Children’s Safety

November 1, 2017  Uncategorized

Report Shows Child Deaths in Contra Costa Are Often Preventable

A review of 21 child deaths in Contra Costa during 2013 shows that nearly all of them were preventable.

The report, produced by the Contra Costa Child Death Review Team and the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County and released in October for national SIDS Awareness Month, found that 18 of the cases were “probably preventable.”

Those cases including deaths by drowning, motor vehicle crash, sleep-related deaths including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and accidental asphyxia, and firearms.

The 2013 Contra Costa County Child Death Report offers several recommendations for reducing the incidence of future childhood deaths, including a countywide “Safe to Sleep” campaign, promotion of active supervision and child abuse prevention, youth anti-violence programs and firearm safety laws.

The team includes representatives from the Contra Costa Sheriff-Coroner, District Attorney, local police, Health Services, Children & Family Services and others. Dr. Jim Carpenter, a pediatrician at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, chairs the team.

The team reviews coroner’s investigations of some child deaths to determine if and how they could have been prevented. The team does not review natural deaths in which the child was receiving medical care for a known condition, such as a disease, that caused the death.

Coroner’s cases that were reviewed represented about one-quarter of the county’s child deaths in 2013.


You’re making a difference #GivingTuesday

October 30, 2017  Uncategorized

This Year Help US Care for Kids in our Community!

#Givetokids  #givetospecialneedskids

Each year CAPC supports at risk families with our  a Sue Fleischner Special Needs fund.

In 1984 the Sue Fleischner Special Needs Fund was established in memory of founding CAPC member and medical social worker, Sue Fleischner.

The fund is intended to avert a crisis that might lead to child abuse or neglect in families experiencing difficult circumstances.  This fund can be used for transportation to social service programs/medical appointments, or a safe crib or a safe stroller for a child.

Support our cause today, donate and become a “Kid Supporter” at any of our levels or donate what you can. Every dollar helps!

Thank you TJ Maxx for your generosity

October 26, 2017  Uncategorized

Thank you TJ Maxx for the generous donation to The Child Abuse Prevention Council. Your support will help prevent child abuse while building strong families in our community. We look forward to an ongoing partnership working to keep kids safe.

Congratulations on the grand opening of the new Concord TJ Maxx store.

Thank you for supporting CAPC’s community

August 21, 2017  All News, Event

Thank you to everyone who supported SOTG and The Child Abuse Prevention Council. a great time was had by all!!!

New Resolution 17-24 Adopted by Moraga School District

May 2, 2017  All News, Press Release

See attached the resolution for the adoption of National Child Abuse Prevention Month – April by the districts members.

Resolution 17-24 pdf.

Success – Thank you ACAPC

April 28, 2017  Uncategorized

The ACAPC 13th Annual Benefit Luncheon was a Success! An amazing group of women and an amazing event. Thank you from all of us at The Child Abuse Prevention Council for your commitment to child abuse prevention. We are honored to be working with you!!!

April Newsletter – New Child Abuse Statistics for Contra Costa, Upcoming Events..

April 7, 2017  All News, Newsletter

Hello Friends of CAPC,

April is National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month and time to raise awareness about the importance of prevention. Child abuse is often hidden but always far reaching in its effects.

In partnership with The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center and Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley we have released a study of the economics of child abuse:
The Cost of Child Abuse for Contra Costa County.

As always thank you for your support! Read more […]

Family Night at Fair Oaks Elementary with CAPC & Kaiser

April 4, 2017  All News, Event

CAPC joined Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre for Family Night at Fair Oaks Elementary Thursday, March 30. Kaiser hosted Peace Signs, which is a play about three students who learn lessons about empathy and nonviolence. The production covers conflict resolution, bullying and violence prevention. In this production children learn conflict resolution, how to respond to bullying, and empathy for others. CAPC believes that giving children these tools can help children be safe and respect their peers. It was a pleasure to host a resource table at this event.

February Newsletter

February 28, 2017  Newsletter

Hello Friends of CAPC,

Thank you for your support of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County (CAPC). In the month of February we are working hard to prepare for our upcoming events as well as keeping you informed on the successes of our CAPC programs. Please see our article below about our social justice efforts and how you can help.

As always thank you for your support! Read more […]


January 26, 2017  Event, Uncategorized





Presenter: Amy Lynch, M.A.

Founder and President of ARM of Care



Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Location: Monument Crisis Center

1990 Market St, Concord, CA 94520

Wellness Room, Second Floor

Time: 12:00-1:30 pm

Reminder: Print Parking Pass from email attachment










–ARM of Care





ACAPC 13th Annual Benefit Luncheon

January 14, 2017  Event

Please join us for the 13th Annual “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child” Luncheon benefiting the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County by The Auxiliary of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County.


Thu, April 27, 2017

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM PDT

Add to Calendar


Orinda Country Club

315 Camino Sobrante

Orinda, CA 94563

View Map

Annual “Men of Merit” ceremony honors men taking a stand against violence

December 9, 2016  All News, Article, Awards

Contra Costa County held its 11th annual “Men of Merit” awards ceremony at the Richmond Police Activities League last week, featuring author and activist Tony Porter as keynote speaker. Read more…

Thanks to WestAmerica Bank #GivingTuesday sponsorship!

November 18, 2016  All News, Awards, Press Release, Uncategorized

Thanks to WestAmerica Bank sponsorship! As a long time CAPC partner they support programs that stop abuse,

CAPC Awarded $10,000 Grant from Valero Benicia Refinery

October 29, 2016  All News, Awards


“Thank you to Siobhan Magee, a Valero employee for nominating CAPC and for your on going support of the work we do.”


~ Carol C., Exec. Director

Larry Dunn Anthology Earth Wind & Fire

August 15, 2016  All News, Event

Join CAPC! Fundraising event! Larry Dunn Anthology Earth Wind & Fire, Tickets On Sale NOW! Purchase here!

CAPC was awarded a grant from Hedge Fund Cares for our child safety education program

July 30, 2016  Article, Awards, In the Media, Newsletter, Press Release, Report

CAPC was awarded a grant from Hedge Fund Cares for our child safety education program

Congrats to families

June 22, 2016  Press Release

Congrats to the families who graduated from CAPC’s 22 week Nurturing Parenting Program. We are so proud of them!

Child Abuse and Neglect – Breaking The Cycle

April 18, 2016  Press Release

Listen to Carol Carrillo, Executive Director speak about preventing child abuse (she is at 20 minutes into talk) at 94.1 KPFA

Proclamation 2016

April 14, 2016  Press Release

The Child Abuse Prevention Council staff and community partners at the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors recognizing, April, Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month.

Gearing UP for #HowWeDoBlue – April National Blue Ribbon Month

April 12, 2016  Press Release

CAPC Board of Directors participates in the Blue Ribbon Campaign for National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. #HowWeDoBlue

CAPC @ Cesar Chavez Resource Fair

April 11, 2016  Event, Press Release

Raising awareness of CAPC at the Cesar Chavez Resource Fair in Oakley.

Event: Lunardi’s Market in Danville

April 7, 2016  Event, Press Release

CAPC in partnership with the Danville Exhange Club invites you to their annul child abuse prevention event at Lunardi’s Market in Danville on Saturday April 16th from 10 am until noon. The Exchange Club will provide games for the kids, a petting zoo and valuable information on child safety. The event is free and open to all families. Please plan to stop by and enjoy the activities and learn more about keeping kids safe in our community!

Free Paper Tigers Documentary Viewing

March 14, 2016  Event, Press Release

Join us for a free screening of the documentary “Paper Tigers” on April 19th at 5:30pm @ Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation. What does it mean to be a trauma-informed school? How do you educate teens whose childhood experiences have left them with a brain and body ill-suited to learn? A panel of experts will moderate a discussion after the screening. Register here!

Moraga Police Arrest Sexual Assault Suspect.

March 9, 2016  Article, In the Media, Press Release

Read Article Here

CAPC quoted in article “CAPC Programs continue to help” says COP Jon King.

Thank you to the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation

March 8, 2016  Press Release

Thank you to the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation for your on going support of child abuse prevention programs in our community. You are an important partner in our home visiting efforts to reach isolated Spanish families that need support, education and resources to prevent child abuse and keep kids safe.

Thank you Supporters, RiteAid Foundation & KidCents!

February 16, 2016  Press Release

CAPC is the proud recipient of the RiteAid Foundation KidCents program. Thank you RiteAid Foundation for your support and commitment to the safety of children in Contra Costa County. KidsCents & CAPC

CAPC and Assemblywomen Baker

February 5, 2016  In the Media, Press Release

Contra Costa Child Abuse Prevention Council Working with Assemblywomen Baker to make sure kids are safe from child abuse in our community See Twitter Post

Zero Tolerance for Human Trafficking Recognized

January 19, 2016  Press Release

Zero Tolerance’s for Human Trafficking Team being recognized by the Board of Supervisors. Cristina Hickey, our Community Education Coordinator (far left), represents CAPC and serves on this important team.

Letter to the editor…

December 16, 2015  Article, Press Release

Please read Carol Carrillo, Executive Director’s Letter to the Editor in the Contra Costa Times this week…

Valero Benicia Refinery Grant, Thank you

October 8, 2015  Press Release

CAPC received a $10,000 grant for our Nurturing Parenting Home Visitation Program from the Valero Benicia Refinery. Thank you to Siobhan Magee, a Valero employee for nominating CAPC and for your on going support of the work we do.

CDRT of Contra Costa 5 year Report

October 1, 2015  Press Release, Report

“Most Children’s Deaths in Contra Costa Reviewed by Expert Team Were Preventable, Report Says.”

The recent tragedy in Santa Cruz is hard for all of us to understand. We worry about how to keep kids safe.

August 10, 2015  Press Release

It’s important to teach our children to tell a safe adult if anyone (a peer, teenager, or adult) makes them feel uncomfortable, worried, or scared or if they are being threatened or coerced in any way. Children should also learn to first check with their mom, dad or whomever they live with before going with someone…even someone they know. While we teach our children “stranger danger” rules, in fact, most child abuse occurs at the hands of someone the child knows and trusts. Talk with your children about these important topics and make sure the conversation is ongoing and age appropriate. CAPC’s Speak Up Be Safe child abuse and bullying prevention program educates students, parents/caregivers, and the community about child safety issues. Through classroom lessons, take-home activities and handouts, and parent/caregiver and school staff presentations, the program provides important safety information and skills and helps build a comprehensive safety net for our children. If you have any questions about this program please call Carol Shenon, Child Safety Awareness Coordinator, at CAPC (925) 798-0546, ext. 16

CAPC staff, Board of Directors and community partners recognize April Child Abuse Prevention Month

June 17, 2015  Article, Press Release

Lamorinda School districts’ Speak Up Be Safe program marks 2yr anniversary.

CAPC is the 15th 50 Fund Playmaker!

June 9, 2015  Event, In the Media, Press Release

Lakisha Hill is the recognized Playmaker! Read article and WATCH her VIDEO!

Read Article Here

National Child Welfare League of America Conference Prevention

May 4, 2015  Press Release

CAPC staff at the National Child Welfare league of America conference and a meeting with Congressman Mark DeSaulnier.


See Carol Carrillo speak about CAPC’s “Speak Up Be Safe” Program!

April 28, 2015  In the Media, Press Release

Watch the whole segment of Beyond the Headlines or Fast Forward to Minute 17:26 for Carol Carrillo’s exclusive interview.

CAPC is proud to announce that our Parent Partner Program is being recognized!

April 6, 2015  Press Release

CAPC staff, Board of Directors and community partners recognize April as Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month with a proclamation from the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors.

Presidential Proclamation — National Child Abuse Prevention Month, 2015: 

March 31, 2015  Article, Press Release

Every child is born into a world filled with limitless possibilities, and as a Nation, we must ensure all our young people have the support they need to realize their enormous potential. […] Read more…

Advancing Excellence through Innovation and Collaboration

March 23, 2015  Press Release

CAPC is proud to announce that our Parent Partner Program was chosen by the Child Welfare League of America to present at their “Advancing Excellence through Innovation and Collaboration” 2015 National Conference in Washington DC on April 29th. The Parent Partner program was chosen for our community-based father engagement efforts and for our collaboration in providing child welfare services between a public agency and a private non profit organization. We are all so excited to be recognized on a national level for our child abuse prevention work in Contra Costa County.

CAPC recognizes Parent Partner Program’s 10 yr Anniversary

March 17, 2015  Press Release

10 years “breaking the cycle” of child abuse, congratulations staff.

CAPC Board & Janette Walls author of “The Glass Castle”

March 2, 2015  Press Release

Newsmakers Lesher Speaker Series  2/10/15

The Newsmaker’s “Lesher Speaker Series” CAPC chosen as non-profit partner

February 17, 2015  In the Media, Press Release

Parents learn how to nurture at group-based Contra Costa program

December 2, 2014  Article, Press Release

Childhelp Launches New Child Abuse Prevention Curriculum

June 19, 2014  Article, Press Release

Brentwood School District to Pay $8 Million in Child Abuse Settlement

January 14, 2014  Article, Press Release

Walnut Creek Institutes’ ‘Mandated Reporter’ Policy on Suspected Child Abuse

November 15, 2013  Article, Press Release

Moraga School District Agrees on Child Safety Awareness Coordinator

October 14, 2013  Article, Press Release

Reporting Suspicions of Child Abuse in Spotlight in Antioch Forum

May 24, 2013  Article, Press Release

Parent Forum to Discuss Recent Brentwood and Antioch Student Abuse Cases

May 21, 2013  Article, Press Release

a class="capc-button" style="margin-bottom: 15px" href=" /wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Parent-Forum-to-Discuss-Recent-Brentwood-and-Antioch-Student-Abuse-Cases-1.pdf" target="_blank"> Read Article

Lesher Center Abuse Case: Walnut Creek Employees Won’t be Charged

April 18, 2013  Article, Press Release

School Abuse Reporting: Training Murky Despite Horrifying Cases, Survey Finds

March 14, 2013  Article, Press Release

Lafayette School District to Pay $725,000 to Girl Sexually Abused by Teacher

February 25, 2013  Article, Press Release

Bay Area News Group Reporting Prompts Calls for Mandatory Training in Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

February 17, 2013  Article, Press Release

Share the Spirit: Concord Agency takes Pain Out of being a Kid

January 2, 2012  Article, Press Release