The Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County (CAPC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on donations, foundation grants and strategic partnerships to provide essential child abuse prevention services to at-risk kids and families of Contra Costa County. Founded in 1984 by Sue Fleischner and Dr. Jim Carpenter, CAPC is committed to preventing and treating all forms of child abuse and neglect.


The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors designates the group known as CAPC to coordinate the Interagency Child Abuse Systems Review Committee, which is started to identify problems within the county’s child abuse prevention system and to recommend improvements. Sue Fleischner and Dr. Jim Carpenter serve on the committee.


The Interagency Child Abuse Systems Review Committee convenes a board of directors, including founders Sue Fleischner and Dr. Jim Carpenter and CAPC becomes an independent nonprofit organization. CAPC also establishes a fund to provide support in meeting the special needs of families whose children are at risk. Management of the fund soon becomes CAPC’s first program, which is today known as the Sue Fleischner Special Needs Fund, in memory of founding member Sue Fleischner,


CAPC publishes Surviving Parenthood (in English and Spanish) a resource directory for Contra Costa County. Now in its 13th edition, the directory is a signature program of CAPC providing an extensive listing of local family resources utilized by social workers, police officers, healthcare providers, teachers and parents throughout the county. CAPC also initiates the Mandated Reporter Training Program.


CAPC sponsors annual community forums and training sessions focused on Emerging Issues in Child Abuse Prevention.


CAPC leadership extends to encompass the Drug Endangered Children Task Force, Violence Prevention Coalition, Safe and Stable Families and the East and West County Community Partnerships, as well as the Child Death Review Team and Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Coalition. CAPC members also serve on the Family and Children’s Trust Fund advising as to the funding of child abuse prevention programs in Contra Costa County.

CAPC begins to develop layers of programs that have become known as the organization’s signature work, such as Mandated Reporting, Community Education Forums and the CAPC Baby Bag Program.

The Baby Bag Program is established to provide critical child rearing information to new parents. These information-filled canvas totes are given to new parents following the birth of a child.


CAPC expands its Community Education Program. While continuing to provide vital Mandated Reporter Training to professionals working with children throughout the county. The program begins to raise awareness among community organizations through trained volunteer speakers who educate the public on issues of child abuse and neglect.


CAPC becomes distributor of the First Five Kit for New Parents. This kit contains a video covering everything from nutrition to child development, as well as discipline to kindergarten readiness.


CAPC forms the Auxiliary of the Child Abuse Prevention Council to assist with fundraising and advocacy efforts. The Auxiliary began the “It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child” benefit luncheon, which is held every year during April, Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month. The luncheon is instrumental in raising funds to support CAPC’s programs and services.

Newborn Connections, aka Nurturing Parenting Connections, a post-partum, home visitation program is added to CAPC’s outreach resources to support parents with newborns.

CAPC begins a partnership with Kaiser Permanente regarding their Peace Signs Project to bring conflict resolution training to grade school children, teaching them the importance of tolerance.


CAPC starts teaching linguistic and cultural appropriate child-rearing techniques to parents in Richmond and Brentwood, California, using the Nurturing Parenting Education Program.


CAPC expands the Nurturing Parenting Parent Education Program to include Concord, California. CAPC also partners with Contra Costa County’s Children and Family Services department to assist in managing their Parent Partner Program, bringing support and mentoring services to families within the county’s child welfare system.


CAPC hosts the first Soul on the Greenannual fundraiser to boost community awareness along with funds to support the Council.,


CAPC begins a partnership with the Lamorinda School District to pilot Speak Up Be Safe, a child abuse prevention, bullying prevention and sexual harassment prevention curriculum delivered to students in first, third, fifth and sixth grades


CAPC in collaboration with the Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Prevention Council (GBACAPAC), participates in the Enough Abuse Child Sex Abuse Awareness Campaign.

CAPC’s evidence-based, best-practice programs and services continue to expand throughout Contra Costa County with a focus on raising awareness and training community members to assist in strengthening families and creating healthy environments for kids.


“A person's a person, no matter how small.”

— Dr. Seuss

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