It’s important to teach our children to tell a safe adult if anyone (a peer, teenager, or adult) makes them feel uncomfortable, worried, or scared or if they are being threatened or coerced in any way. Children should also learn to first check with their mom, dad or whomever they live with before going with someone…even someone they know. While we teach our children “stranger danger” rules, in fact, most child abuse occurs at the hands of someone the child knows and trusts. Talk with your children about these important topics and make sure the conversation is ongoing and age appropriate. CAPC’s Speak Up Be Safe child abuse and bullying prevention program educates students, parents/caregivers, and the community about child safety issues. Through classroom lessons, take-home activities and handouts, and parent/caregiver and school staff presentations, the program provides important safety information and skills and helps build a comprehensive safety net for our children. If you have any questions about this program please call Carol Shenon, Child Safety Awareness Coordinator, at CAPC (925) 798-0546, ext. 16