“My name is Miriam, I have two daughters ages 8 and 2. When I learned about Crianza con Carino Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP), it didn’t sound very interesting because I had the idea that no one is capable of teaching you how to parent your children. It never crossed my mind that my way of thinking and feeling would change radically. The first thing I learned is that we do not have the power to change anyone, but that each person changes when they are ready and willing to change.
“Another very important thing in which the Nurturing Parenting Program
helped me with is: learning more about myself, understand how I feel and where those feeling and beliefs come from, value and love ME and above all it helped me with skills to understand my children and my husband. Now I have strategies to help me manage and cope with different situations. Thanks to all those who are part of making programs like this possible and accessible to our community.
I would like for “Crianza con Carino” (NPP) to have a second part to help eradicate stereotypes that we acquired during the course of our lives. I give many thanks to the entire team and those involved. Most importantly thank you so much for the valuable information and life changing opportunity given to myself and my family.”
The Nurturing Parenting Program staff feels honored to serve families like

Graduate of the
Nurturing Parenting Program